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We make media work.

Your Media Outcome Manager

We realize marketing goals - guaranteed, across all digital channels and in all digital environments. We support advertisers in achieving their advertising goals, from branding to performance and along the entire customer journey. Our mission is to deliver the best proven results and media outcome.

Our clients

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"With esome, we have been implementing innovative campaign approaches since 2018. Whether on Instagram or Snapchat, thanks to esome's expertise and their close partnerships with the platforms, we are first movers on social networks. We realize strong KPIs across all funnel steps and diverse platforms, which we can even get guaranteed with esome Solutions."

Volker Weigl, Senior Media Manager Opel / Groupe PSA

„The collaboration with the colleagues from esome is always forthright, friendly and trusting. The high-quality consulting, supplemented by amenable cooperation based on partnership, turns our daily contact into real delgiht and brings out the best possible result for our client!“

Kira Domberg, Group Head Digital Consulting (Mediacom)

„We are convinced of the KPI-oriented cooperation with esome. Especially by linking the esome cross-channel technology with data segments of E wie einfach platforms, we can address users along the entire customer journey."

David Jungk, Senior Online Marketing Manager (E WIE EINFACH)

„Over the past few years we constantly put a stronger focus on social media advertising in our media planning. esome’s excellent strategic consulting, that reached far beyond single campaign advice, contributed significantly to this development. We highly appreciate the flexibility in campaign execution and the trustful and straightforward communication in working with esome."

Anja Faßnacht, Former Head of Marketing & E-Commerce (Stage Entertainment)

„The competition for the attention of consumers is growing continuously. Nevertheless, together with esome, we were able to increase the performance of our campaigns and to reach our campaign goals consistently."

Stefan Lurweg, Manager Digital Marketing / Head of Media DE/CH (WW)

„The relevance of social networks has increased within the communication mix. We are glad to have access to the expertise of esome to keep pace in this dynamic and fast growing environment.."

Nathalie Lambert, Former Head of Media & Strategy (SEAT Deutschland)

„With the comprehensive consultancy and expertise of esome, we were able to successfully implement a first integrated case. We are impressed by the hands-on mentality, which allows for a very good exchange and successful cooperation with the involved agencies. We are happy about excellent performance results."

Roman Franke, Head of Price & Product (Citroën/PSA)

„It is not only the excellent key figures that convince us. It is also the open-minded and trustful relationship and the close cooperation that we greatly appreciate."

Sibeta Canga, Marketing Manager - Social Media Advertising (Lotto24)

„Social media channels are the basis of our performance-oriented media strategy. With esome, we have a trustworthy partner at our side who supports us with innovative solution approaches to constantly develop further and identify the new potential for expanding our holistic media strategy."

Sandra Wäser, Head of Advertising (

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