Market Monitor Q2/23

Surge in ad placement prices marked second quarter’s end

Our quarterly Market Monitor analyzes the price development for ad placements across inventories. In the second quarter of 2023, we observed an ambiguous picture.

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Marketing Insights

Case Studies

How to reach GenZ?

Young target groups are becoming more digital and harder to reach via linear TV. Advertisers like Zalando must take this new diversity into account when addressing their target groups.

How to make campaigns not only visible, but tangible?

In the digital world, it makes a crucial difference whether users see a commercial only briefly or perceive it consciously. This detail often determines the success of a video campaign.

Combine TV & Digital efficiently

The selective TV viewing behavior of younger target groups leads to lower net reach within TV campaigns. Our cross-device technology eliminates such structural weaknesses.

Sustainable efficiency through

long-lasting partnerships

Thanks to our experience in the automotive industry and a long-standing collaboration with Volvo, we were able to build on insights from previous campaigns right from the start.

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